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Breaking News: We are heading to Momentum in July. Youth are working hard to raise funds. Starting April 1st we are running a Spons-A-Thon to help them toward going. Greatest changes occur when youth are able to take a break from the normal routine. If you would like our youth go to Momentum, please head over to our Giving page to find out the ways you can give. You if you would like to know more about Momentum, the link is as well below.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

When middle school begins, then all the way through high school the questions are asked, who am I going to be? The Zone is the area in between from the moment a middle or high school enters the door and wondering who are they going to be, with a goal of once they exit and graduate they are ready to face many of the challenges they will face in life. The Zone offers a neutral ground where youth can come and share, rest and relax, play games, have a meal, and get a life centered lesson each week. We also seek to influence community involvement. We welcome all, so whether a youth at risk, a youth facing challenges, a youth that feels they are on top of the world, all are welcome.

Wednesday Nights

6:00 PM

Have a place to relax, a place that is away from the challenges of day to day life.  A place where you can have fun, get a full meal, hear some  kicking music, and learn how to face the challenge we all face.

Spring Hill and iFollow Conference

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Each year we thrive with taking the youth to a youth camp. This year we have a goal of taking the youth to Spring Hill for summer camp. It is a one week camp filled with activities, games, food, music, lesson. When youth are removed from the daily challenges they face there is an opportunity for them to make life changing choices that will impact their lives. Many youth from days past have provided stories of how it was camp that impacted them.

We will also be placing a goal of going to the iFollow Conference in the winter time of 2019-2020. More details to follow.

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