Youth Group

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

When middle school begins, then all the way through high school the questions are asked, who am I going to be? The Zone is the area in between from the moment a middle or high school enters the door and wondering who are they going to be, with a goal of once they exit and graduate they are ready to face many of the challenges they will face in life. The Zone offers a neutral ground where youth can come and share, rest and relax, play games, have a meal, and get a life centered lesson each week. We also seek to influence community involvement. We welcome all, so whether a youth at risk, a youth facing challenges, a youth that feels they are on top of the world, all are welcome.

Wednesday Nights

6:00  -  8:00 PM

6-6:15 Hangout Time
6:15-7:00 Biblical Worldview Discussion
Soul Exercises
7:00 Full Served Meal/Hang Out Time
Hang Out time is a calm environment of the teens hanging out. We have a Pool Table, Air Hockey, Foo's Ball, Outdoor Basket Ball, Board Games and Cards.

June 2021 Worship Band seeking volunteers

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Wesleyan Church is looking to expand its youth night to new heights. We are looking for Christian youth who play instruments: Guitar (Electric or Acoustic), Keys, drums, bass guitar. Looking for up to six volunteers who would be part of a youth worship band to lead. The band allots for two non-instrumental singers to be part. The youth who will be the main leader of the group should be sound in their relationship with God. We have access to all the contemporary/up beat worship song chord sheets. The goal launch date for this is the first Wednesday of June. Our youth night goes from 6-8PM and the songs would be between 3-4 songs on those nights and is a commitment to be there each week. Between now and June would allow for group members to gather in practice to play together getting in sync and rhythm with each other. The is a huge opportunity for youth to come together to jam together and learn the skills of being part of a music band. For instrument purposes, we have a bass guitar, keys, and electric drum set that can be used on those nights. We do not have a dedicated electric or acoustic guitar available for open use. Please fill out form below if interested.